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The Cascading style bouquet
This style of bouquet is a flowing teardrop shape. Our florist is very generous with her flowers. We find the Medium or Large style suitable for the Bride and the small style appropriate for the Maid of Honor.
From $225.00 Please call for quote.

The Nosegay style bouquet
The nosegay style has a round shape. It includes a lace backing and ribbon. Custom orders are also available in the nosegay style.
Starting at $225.00& up. Please call for quote

A Presentation style bouquet
This style of bouquet has long, bare stem flowers, with greenery, and your ribbon color choice. It is held at your side as a queen style bouquet for a natural look.
Starting at $75.00 & up... Please call for quote

The French Hand-Tied Style Bouquets
These are a favorite of our brides. They are bunched flowers with the stems cut short and are complimented with a tulle or satin ribbon. This style is often featured with models in most bridal magazines when advertising bridal gowns.
Starting at $225.00 & up... Please call for quote


Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Bouquets

Starting at $150.00... Call for quote

florals All of our Bouquets are custom made by one of Maui's top floral designers. We value your input and encourage you to give us a feel for what inspires you in a bouquet. Since flowers vary in color and availability we may not be able to match your design precisely but we are sure you will love the design our professional creates just for you!
Floral Bouquet Floral Bouquet
Floral Bouquet maui Floral Bouquet
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