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Since ancient times, white doves have been regarded as a symbol of love, peace and purity of heart. The release of white doves can add great meaning and celebration to a variety of special events like grand openings, blessings, festivals - and for weddings, they can be the icing on the cake!! Our birds can be set free anywhere on Maui, even out at sea,nwithin sight of the island. Thanks to a keen homing instinct, they return swiftly to their Upcountry Maui home. We presently offer as few as two or as many as forty white doves for special events. They may be released from white wicker baskets decorated with tropical greenery or the Bride and Groom may release the doves byhand.

Two Doves From $125
Ten Doves From $200
Twenty Doves From $250
Thirty Doves From $300
Forty Doves From $350

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