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hair & make-up / manicure & pedicure

Hair and Make up services are a very important part of your Maui wedding. Tradewinds are present all year long and hair should be put up by a professional to keep it in place in a flattering way. Our stylists always bring flowers when they come to your room so should you want fresh flowers for your hair, they are always available.You'll be part of a photo session for at least one hour, usually longer and a professional hair and make up stylist will make the photographers job that much easier and the results that much sweeter. The bride pictured on the right was in her 4th hour of photography on a rather windy day here on Maui but since her hairdresser and photographer were Maui professionals, the results of her photo shoot were amazing.


In room hair and make up services - From $225. ($255.00 before 8AM) Plus parking fee at certain resorts.

In room make-up only - From $140

In room assistance with hair only - From $185

In room Manicure - From $80.00

In room Pedicure - From $80.00

In room Mani / Pedi - From $150.00

$30.00 additional per person when appointments are scheduled to begin prior to 8 a.m.

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